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Jen tak LXXI

21. října 2013 v 14:07 | Paccia Domna
Heh, Andrew Scott dneska. Kolik že lidí v tom Sherlockovi hrálo a proč mají všichni narozeniny najednou?

letsdrawsherlock: New Let’s Draw Sherlock Challenge: Reinterpreting Famous Works! (example art by Katzensprotte) Ends: June 3 (just over one month) ~Your challenge~ Visual arty people: Choose a famous image, be it artwork, photograph, or sculpture, and then reinterpret it as Sherlock. You can draw a picture, sculpt, cosplay, photo manip, pretty much any medium you are comfortable with. Writey type people: You can choose a visual work like above, but you can also choose a classic literary work if you like, such as an old poem or novel. For your entry, you can write anything from a ficlet to a fuller interpretation; there is no character or format limit this time. Both: Be creative! All skill levels are welcome, as always! You may use ANY CHARACTERS from Sherlock. Any other versions of Sherlock are welcome also, not only BBC. All pairings are welcome. The idea is to create an image or fic that resembles the original, but if you start to feel that it’s limiting you, it’s completely fine if the work you end up with only has one or two elements of the original. It’d be cool if you explained your thought process in these cases. What defines a “famous work”? For the specific purpose of this challenge, we’re defining this as older, “classic” works, that are sure to be recognized by many people, and fall under Fine Art. Michelangelo’s David, an ancient well known cave painting, Da Vinci, Picasso, pretty much anything from an art history class, is fair game. I’m not as familiar with classic text, but generally if it’s taught in a class room it’s probably valid as well. Classic artworks that technically didn’t fall under Fine Art but are still studied as such, Mucha for example, could also be valid. Originally we also went as far as to allow more modern art from comics and film but we fear we are pushing that too far, so we’re retracting that option. We also don’t want entries from artists still working in the field. For example, the Gorillaz cover of the four band members in profile is a famously reinterpreted artwork, but would not be a valid entry here. We’re looking for pieces that have a longer life and historical value. Submitting your entry: As before, you should post your entry on your blog. When you post, you must include the image of the original work in your post. Please don’t just link to it. We want to see your reference easily. If you wrote on a literary work, you are allowed to provide a link. If the work is not available online, please provide an excerpt! Use the exact tag “letsdrawsherlock”, all one word. Sometimes even when you tag correctly, a post won’t show up in the tag, so you should also send an ask to us with the post number. A tutorial on how to find your post number is here: POST ID NUMBER TUTORIAL Remember that we’ll be using the queue so your post may not show up right away. We’ll keep you updated on the length of the queue so you should know roughly when your image should post, and whether you’ll need to send us the number again. There are no plans to create a collage or anything at the end of the month, so you can choose any size or dimensions you want. ~~ALSO MAYBE THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE: noooo submitting with phrases like “I know this is crap but…”!!!! There is no shaming here for quality, don’t put your work down!!! Just have fun and don’t stress!~~


cdlafere: i want to watch those sequence~~~What else….?….still have a lot..
no, já bych ještě chtěla vidět, jak Johl lezl za Sherlockem, když v poutech skočili každý na jiné straně mříže...

A na závěr něco, co se dnes hodí na sledování každého druhého seriálu alespoň trošku říznutého nadpřirozenem:

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1 Elza Elza | 21. října 2013 v 20:28 | Reagovat

Velmi půvabné. Hm, taky by mě zajímalo, jak lezli přes tu mříž - jestli skončil John Sherlockovi na hlavě... :-D

2 lenka.strelenka lenka.strelenka | 21. října 2013 v 22:46 | Reagovat


3 Kathie Jones Kathie Jones | Web | 23. října 2013 v 8:44 | Reagovat

Přátelé a kamarádi je to tady! I já podlehla všeobecnému trendu a založila si blog. Varuji, že jsem v počáteční fázi neustálých úprav a změn, takže co tam najdete teď, nemusí tam být za pět minut :-D  Snad se bude líbit...

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