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Tom: There was a lovely scene in which he was marching down a corridor with us behind him - and for those who don't know, Snape, Alan Rickman's character, he wears sort of a wedding gown, it's black, not white, and it drapes about a meter or two behind him.
And he actually said - he has an incredibly dry sense of humor, I'm sure you know it - and he turned around to us before and said, "Don't. Step. On. My. Effing. Cloak." That's an actual quote. And of course we never knew whether he was joking or not. And of course the director asked me to get right up behind Alan and first take, what do I do? I step straight on his effing cloak. And it's tied to his neck so it almost gave him a stage three whiplash.

Emma: People literally have watched me grow up on screen. I've gone from a 9 year old girl to a 21 year old… guess I'm a woman now. I think, it's interesting meeting people who I've never met before in my life who feel a sisterly/motherly/fatherly connection to me. Complete strangers who have opinions about, you know… it's actually nice! Some little children are scared of me because they think I can do spells, that I really am magic in real life. I've always found that really funny, and I kind of try and say, "I'm not gonna do anything to you!"You can't convince them because they believe in it. They really believe in it.

Dan (talking about the Great Hall scene): This is a great scene, especially 'cause I've got some great lines in this scene.
Interviewer: Give me some?
Dan: Snape has been going on about how they've put some exhaustive defensive strategies to stop Harry from coming in, so my line is, "it seems despite your exhaustive defensive strategies, you still have a bit of a security problem, headmaster." Turn around, door opens, cavalry comes in, turn back, "…and I'm afraid it's quite extensive." It's great, you know?

Interviewer: I've noticed that there is no glass in your glasses.
Dan: Do feel free to poke. That's what Rupert does.
Q: How was the kiss between Dan and Emma? Was it awkward at all?
Emma: It was incredibly awkward! It was like some weird social experiment. We grew up together, and then they were, like, "Okay, kiss." It was weird. He is a good kisser. I can definitely vouch for that.
Dan: To be honest, it wasn't at all awkward. It was quite enjoyable, I quite liked it. I hoped she had a good time as well. It was passionate! It was really great. I thought it was gonna be slow, soft, shy kinda thing… but no! That went right out the window very quickly. It was vigorous. It was great.

Interviewer asks Alan Rickman about the magic behind Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and other young cast members' all growing up good.
Alan: We whip them on a daily basis. '"Behave yourself!" "Grow up properly!" "Write a hundred lines." "Go into detention."

I constantly refer to Daniel kind of being the inspiration. He really was, man - 'cause he's there every day. 16 hours a day. And when he's told that he can go home, he hangs around for morale and makes sure everyone's in good spirits. Yeah, I mean, one day he was Maggie Smith's P.A., I think just for the fun of being on the set. He's such an inspiration, especially for all the kids that still call us. I had an eighth of his workload and yet, I was still finding myself getting stressed out. He was a constant reminder to be grateful.
So he's the hero on the set, as well?
Yeah! He really was! It's very fitting. Daniel is, basically, Harry. He is the hero, for sure.

Interviewer: Ron's stuck under you? He doesn't get to be the hero!
Emma: Hang on! No! We fall down together and he protects me and holds me in a loving embrace as we're about to die.

Lopez: Tell me about somebody trying to pull you out of the car by your hair.
Tom: This is the problem with the hair. […] There was one occasion where I thought it'd be nice to roll down the window and wave to the fans. Before the window got down, a hand was in, grabbed the hair, and I was, like, "Oh, my God." So, yeah, I love how passionate you guys are but that was a bit worrying for a second.

(Rupert & Emma talking about the Romione kiss)
Emma: He's gorgeous. There are million girls who would do anything to kiss him. It is purely the fact that - we were both in the same boat, I'm totally sure he'll tell you the same thing - it was very strange. It was honestly like kissing my brother. It was weird.
Rupert: It was quite fun, really, but neither of us was looking forward to it. It's always kinda strange thing to think, kind of like kissing a friend, really. She's someone I've known for 10 years and it was just weird. It was a strange moment when we were leaning in, and it didn't feel real. It was 4 takes, it was over pretty quickly.

If EA was to make a game based on your life, what kind of challenges and task would there be?
Tom Felton: Maybe a bit of everything. I like my driving games, I like driving in real life. So it would be cool to have a couple of driving levels. I'm not sure maybe a bit of a "Potter" game I think.

Julie Walters: When you see clips from the first one, The Philosophers' Stone, they're just so cute! I mean - I've forgotten they were like that! And now they're young men and young women, you can't help but feel maternal seeing them grow up and thinking they're going out into the world now. It's like, it feels like that, you know, you feel, sort of - you wanna protect them a bit. It's a bit of that feeling - I'd never say that to them, don't tell anyone!

Warwick: Dan, Rupert and Emma were terrific. From the very first film, all the way through. They were probably the most professional of the actors on set. They all knew their lines. They were so focused. Daniel is so driven. He has his way about his passion.
J.K. Rowling: Dan has the hardest job because Harry on the page is the most difficult, the most nebulous. He's just perfect, I think. Rupert's just a just a genius. I don't think anyone ever needed to tell him how to play Ron. He's just known. Comedically he's just spot on. Emma is stunningly beautiful. She's genuinely very bright, she's very articulate. She's everything you'd need to be to play Hermione. Perfect. They're perfect. I can't say anything else.

Tom: Actually, originally, it said in the script that Hermione slapped Draco 'cause they were worried that a punch was a little too physical. So I said to her, "Do you wanna run this? We should run this first. We should make this as convincing as possible. Slap me." She was, like, "No, I'm not gonna slap you." I said, "Slap me! Let's just do this." When I said "slap me", I was, like, "movie slap me."
Emma: I'm not really sure what I was thinking. I felt terrible. I felt really bad.
Tom: She just went *slapping motion* and smacked me right across the face. I didn't know what to do! I kind of walked off sheepishly.

Rupert: It's really kind of shocking, really, for her, 'cause it's so out of character.
Emma: It's actually a really good moment. The fact that she hits, and not with a spell, it's actually a physical hit. There's something very satisfying about that.
Julie Walters: Draco gets it! And frankly, he's asked for it.

Conan: Now if you had had a broomstick or a wand, it would have been fun in your life to like take it to a pub or something.
Tom: Yeah…I mean, you say that; I mean, it does sound good when you first say that, but the amount of times I've had heard, you know, 'Got your want with you, mate?' or, 'Where's your broomstick?' Oh, and, 'How did you get here? On your broomstick?' And, it is quite funny the first few times, but, lord, I've heard it so many times that it would, uh, spark further interrogation if I did actually bring a wand or a broomstick.
Conan: Well I mean, if they're like, 'Where're you…?' take it out and STAB 'EM WITH IT!
Tom: Further good advice, I love it.

Interviewer: Am I right to say that you bought the last book at the airport?
Emma: Yeah, I did. It was funny though because I was having a copy sent to me, but I was leaving to go to the airport that morning, and I was going to miss it. So I was stood in line to buy the seventh book at the airport, and then everyone just turned to me and were like Are you Emma Watson? and I was like …yes and they were like Well you should go to the front of the queue then and I was like Thanks! So this line of people, this huge line of people, just let me go to the front and buy the Harry Potter book. It was such a great moment.

Dan: Bonding over sweets and confectionary, that was the kind of basis for Ron and Harry's relationship in the early days. And I remember it was also one of Rupert's favourite scenes to film because he just gorged himself.

Emma Watson: I rang my best friend, and-just as I'd been told, literally, minutes after I'd been told-I rung the phone, and she answered, ok, and she said "So have you got it?" And I said yes. And she went, she screamed, she did a good "Aaaaaaargh..!"

Q: Do you remember your audition for the part?
Tom: Vividly. It was open audition for all of the country, I must have been the only child out 20,000 that had no idea what Harry Potter was which made it very hard, 'cause at the audition they were asking all the children which scene they were looking forward to from the book to come to the film. They got to about two boys away from me when I realized that I didn't have an answer for them, so the guy next to me said something about Gringotts and goblins, and I was, like, "Yeah, those Gringotts sound awesome!" The director saw right through me.

Tom: You know there's a potion in Harry Potter that makes you look very different to other people.
George: You know what, we got that potion, too, only it's called tequila. *drinks*
Tom: *laughs*
George: You know what, you're beautiful…

At the National Movie Awards 2007, Dan was asked about playing James Bond
Press: If you were Bond, who would be your leading lady?
Dan: Well! [he gestures to his right]
[then Emma fake coughs and sort of moves closer to Dan]
Dan: I think we have the answer here!
[They all laugh and Emma shuffles back to her place earlier]
Dan: I don't know!
Emma: Rupert's just volunteered himself. [Rupert shrugs, Matt plays with his hair :> ]
Dan: Rupert. Yeah that's my answer. I'll be the first gay James Bond


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